Summer Lovin’ at Café Botan


Amidst the grass, lake and buzzing flies lies the red brick building of Café Botan. It is no doubt its interior and exterior minimalist design reflects the simplicity of the nature around it.

”We just received the keys on Friday evening, so we’re still fixing it up to meet the national restaurant standard policies,” says Marie Koenen, current owner of Café Botan, as she offers some coffee and cake. The walls are bare but fresh with paint, and everything appeared clean and new. Renovations and decoration plans are in place.

Like the park, the cafe keeps things simple, no hot food is served and everything is readily eaten on the go or taken into the park. ”Easy in, easy out,” says Marie.

They sell a variety of foodstuff, all boasting an ecological and homemade background.
”Prices are considered very inexpensive,” says Janet Anderson, a customer at the cafe and part of LUFF, Lund University Foreign Friends.
”We were very tempted by the chocolate muffin, we will buy it the next time,” says Karin Ryde, a friend of Janet Anderson.

Cafe Botan has seen the likes of the young and old, but mainly tourists who enjoy the sun and nature. The outdoor seating patio is popular among the customers as it faces a lake in a small peaceful reserve. Cafe Botan certainly knows how to make customers come back wanting for more:
”I was here a few years ago when they had different owners and now I am back,” says Agnes from LUFF.

Skriven av: - 9 maj, 2012

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