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Eurovision, More Layoffs, and Crime in Lund

News Eurovision never ceases to catch the public eye, considering that the finale in Malmö is already sold out. In other news this week, layoffs continue in Malmö, a murder goes on trial in Lund, and yet another university building experiences a break-in.  »

Comments Off - 26 November, 2012

Bike Controls, Wolf Attacks and more

News A wolf strikes down sheep in Skurup and police controls for cyclists to begin in Lund. This and more in This Weeks News. »

Comments Off - 12 October, 2012
Bicycle Archive: James Jones Huang

A bike-week in Lund

News Bikes stolen less after a hectic summer and new bike paths are planned in Lund. This and much more in the news summary from last week. »

Comments Off - 28 September, 2012

How to talk with aliens

Research Lund University looks to the skies to find out whether or not human beings are alone in the universe. »

Comments Off - 9 May, 2011

A taste of Lund

Lundagård tries out There are a lot of weird food in Lund. After an evenening of eating, Lundagård's team knows which meal is the best. »

1 kommentar - 12 March, 2011

New project to get more students working at nations

Nations The Erasmus Student Network’s branch in Lund wants to bring more exchange students into the working life of the nations in order to expose them to the Lund student culture. »

Comments Off - 5 March, 2011

Making a Difference in Lund

Student life The Sustainable City Walks have begun. These walks, arranged by the organization Lund Students for Sustainability, are aimed at getting students to engage in more sustainable shopping methods that save money and protect the environment. »

2 kommentarer - 18 February, 2011