Trombone dance through the ages

Culture This year, the Alta Kamererns ballet is turning 35 and its members are celebrating its middle age with a musical journey through the 20th century. Everything from 20′s jazz to 70′s disco – even something as crazy as a trombone ballet. »

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24. A Merry Death Metal Christmas

Christmas calendar Jingle bells are replaced with distorted guitars and Hosanna with ash. In a basement a stone’s throw from AF-borgen, the death metal band ’To Dust’ conveys their Christmas greeting. From all of us to all of you… »

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22. Baltazar follows the Star on Twitter

Christmas calendar Shepherds, magicians, a star in the sky and a little boy born in a manger: whether religious or non-religious, many think that the biblical Christmas story has its charm. But what would have happened if Jesus was to be born right now? »

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Maria Rosén Foto: Lukas Norrsell

21. Armed for Ragnarök

Christmas calendar 21. Ragnarök. Armageddon. We have many names for the things we love, including the phenomenon that could take place today. Maria Rosén philosophizes around the to be or not to be of the world, 21 December 2012. »

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20. Meanwhile in Africa

Christmas calendar …yes, they know its Christmas. And they share the values of Christmas. And after Band Aids Do They Know It’s Christmas, it’s finally time for them to give something back. »

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