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She Could Become the Next Student Union President of Europe

Student unions Lund student and union professional, Elisabeth Gehrke, aims for the next level in her union career. Now she is running for the position as union president of the umbrella union organization, European Students' Union. Lundagård took off for Brussels to discuss union politics, Erasmus and EU elections. »

1 kommentar - 26 March, 2014

Student Union: “Wrong and Outrageous”

News "Reducing the subsidy portion of the student allowance is wrong and outrageous," says the vice president of The Swedish National Union of Students, Erik Pedersen, about the proposition presented by the Swedish Minister for Finance, Anders Borg. And Erik Pedersen is backed up by Clara Lundblad, president of Lund University Student Unions. »

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”We are very excited”

News They are nominated to be the collective voice for the students of Lund. Now, only the deciding sessions votes remains. Are Clara Lundblad and Edward Linderoth-Olson nervous? »

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“Teaching has always been my personal dream”

Student life Cajsa Sjöberg, lecturer in Latin, has been recently awarded the student prize for teachers. From the many nominations made by students, Lund’s Student Unions chose her to receive the prize. Lundagard wanted to find out why and visited Cajsa in her office. »

1 kommentar - 3 November, 2011

Excessive fees for
international students

International Tuition fees are becoming more expensive than the Swedish government anticipated. And Lund University is adding additional costs to the students’ bills. – The global education market price is, to a large extent, a sign of the quality of the education, says Richard Stenelo, coordinator of the implementation of tuition fees. »

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