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Entrepreneurship all over the place

News Member of the royal family, entrepreneur and an inspiration for beginners. This Monday Prince Daniel visited Lund and talked about entrepreneurship and the importance of moving forwards from idea to action. »

Inga kommentarer - 26 september, 2013

How to ace your exams

Student life How should you study at the university and how do you keep the exam thoughts from turning into a hulking monster of anxiety? Marianne Giselsson at Studieverkstan shares some of her best advice on the topic. »

Inga kommentarer - 28 augusti, 2013

Live like a king without any money

Freshman What do you do if you end up in Lund without housing, reasonable food and knowing how to pass the day? Relax. Like a modern-day Robinson Crusoe the Lundagård reporter explored the city as a homeless person. »

Inga kommentarer - 23 augusti, 2013

Student life for dummies

Student life As a new student in Lund there are many local expressions to learn. Lundagård asks the embarrasing questions so that you won't have to. »

Inga kommentarer - 21 augusti, 2013

The swing is the battle

Sports A totally incomprehensible sport according to most Swedes. On the other hand the worlds biggest sport, according to a billion Indians. On an abandoned parking place at Kämnarsrätten, Lundagård’s Kenneth Carlsson tries cricket. »

Inga kommentarer - 19 juni, 2013

Drops of perspective – Regality?

The Photocolumn For each nation carries with pride some form of symbol which has over the cause of time come to define them and our certain expectations of that nation. But should we create these images in building these predefined stereotypes, our visual and aural associations may be somewhat out of place in todays world. Sustainable imagery,… »

Inga kommentarer - 31 maj, 2013

Drops of perspective – Celebratory ideals

The Photocolumn The motions which drive traditions are the motions which we expect to be there; to just work year in, year out. In forming these annual celebrations it brings a sense of security and stability to those involved. Sure we celebrate, but do we all know what for? »

Inga kommentarer - 14 maj, 2013

Drops of perspective – The institutions

The Photocolumn In the halls of our institutions we have been taught to uphold certain values and nominations which are seen to be befitting of said institutions image and history. But who decides the definitions of said ideals? Where should we draw the limits for these discrepancies and should we  let ourselves become to enamoured into a… »

Inga kommentarer - 11 maj, 2013

Drops of perspective – Tradition?

The Photocolumn We live in a world where traditions are the apparent upholding bearers of the people we meet, the events we attend, but are they actually traditions or are they  self – motivated justifications to feel part of something? For what are traditions but a group of people doing the same thing year in year out,… »

Inga kommentarer - 8 maj, 2013

Drops of perspective – Questioning traditions

The Photocolumn With the ongoing regional festivities, we can begin to question, for what are the actual reasons behind such an event, are they actually sustainable happenings, are they still relevant in the current social and cultural climate? Do we keep to these stalwart foundations of apparent importance, or is the actual spectacle worth the cost. Food… »

Inga kommentarer - 30 april, 2013