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Culinary Inspirations; Swedish Pea Soup

Culinary inspiration There are but a few things which are more quintessentially Swedish than pea soup; for this stalwart dish has transcended time as it continues to be traditionally served on thursdays with pancakes. A timeless combination which today remains widely popular, cheap, rustic and utterly fabulous! So why not give it a try yourself? For pea… »

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Culinary Inspirations: Salted pork and Inge-Marie Apples

Student life This is a series in which I’ll focus on bringing you, the student, interesting alternatives to the clichés of the student kitchen, from produce which is both interesting, local and affordable!   So come on by and be inspired! Harking back to simpler times, a time when the world was all the more regional, when… »

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Drops of perspective – The institutions

The Photocolumn In the halls of our institutions we have been taught to uphold certain values and nominations which are seen to be befitting of said institutions image and history. But who decides the definitions of said ideals? Where should we draw the limits for these discrepancies and should we  let ourselves become to enamoured into a… »

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Drops of perspective – Crowds

The Photocolumn For where do you define yourself in the crowd? Is it a form of safety or is it but a false pretence which we have of being so called ‘social animals.’ The limits of the crowd are ultimately relative to the context So where do we draw the line between calm and calamity? »

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13. Lucia at Studentskegården

Christmas calendar Lucia, a truly Swedish tradition centred around an Italian saint. At Lunds Studentskegård, Lucia has been celebrated since 1937, but they are not afraid of trying something new. This year a Chinese winter song will be sung, and at the dress rehearsal yesterday it sounded close to perfect. »

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Puttin’ on the ritz

Nations At the Fest Filbyterium Lundense ball, Östgöta Nation will display student tradition in its grandest form. »

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